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We take the steps that are possible today, like upgrading to more fuel-efficient aircraft and vehicles, and installing more solar panels for our facilities. At the same time, we invest in developing new solutions, such as alternative fuels and advanced technologies, and advocate for changes that could improve our entire industry’s efficiency and environmental performance.

Environmental sustainability

Small amounts saved can make a huge difference over time. The program has created over 45 ongoing initiatives that help FedEx Express minimize environmental impact.

In 2007, FedEx Express launched a program to reduce jet fuel usage. In just eight years, FedEx® Fuel Sense has saved over $1 billion in fuel — more than 408 million gallons, or almost 4 million metric tons of CO2 e — since the program’s inception. How did they do it? With the mantra “Every drop counts.

Connecting people with goods, services, ideas and technologies creates opportunities. Opportunities that build jobs, generate prosperity and lift communities to higher standards of living.

The FedEx Supplier Diversity program was established in 1992 to promote the use of small businesses and those owned by women or minorities throughout the FedEx supply chain. We contract directly with these diverse businesses that are competitive in quality, service and cost. In addition, we encourage the inclusion of women-, minority- and small-owned businesses within the subcontracting plans of our entire supplier base.

Diversity & Inclusion at FedEx connects people and possibilities to deliver a better future for team members, customers, suppliers and communities. Our overarching programs, as well as the initiatives spearheaded by each operating company, are wide-ranging, but our diversity and inclusion efforts boil down to three simple concepts: recruit, develop and advance. By recruiting the best people, training them to be able to take advantage of advancement opportunities, and encouraging them to step into leadership roles, we can ensure our workforce reflects the increasing diversity and complexity of our customers and communities.

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