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ACCESS Brandon Family Health Center
8300 S Brandon Ave

Our health assessments and reports deliver actionable data.

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I lived like a hermit for a week — and it revealed a scary reality
For five days straight, I ordered all of my food via delivery apps.

The Milton Family Care Centre operates as a family practice and walk in clinic. If you need a family doctor we are always accepting new patients! We have been serving Milton, ON and the surrounding areas for a number of years; caring for patients of all ages. Our friendly staff always meets our patients with a smile.

Milton Family Care Centre is committed to providing high quality, medical care in a clean and friendly environment with added convenience. Our clinic provides both Family Practice and Walk-In style medical service where patients can be treated by a qualified health care team. We understand our patients’ needs and treat all with care and respect.

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Exercise most effective lifestyle choice for preventing dementia, researchers say
Taking regular exercise is the most effective single lifestyle choice people can make to reduce their risk of dementia

The onsite pharmacy provides prescription dispensing and consultation. For more information, call (905) 875-3600. The Superstore provides shopping opportunities for grocery, home and gift needs.

  • Walk In Clinic - open to the public
  • Family Practice - accepting new patients!
  • Pharmacy on site
  • Newborn Check up
  • Vaccinations
  • Updating Vaccinations
  • Annual Exams
  • We have a Medical Lab on site, equipped with an ECG Computer System.
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Women's Health & Fitness Expo
Sat, August 12, 2017
Inspiring women to stay healthy! The Women's Health & Fitness Expo is a premiere womens health event that features complimentary health screenings, fitness workshops, nutrition classes and more....Guests enjoy a day of fitness, fun and shopping all under one roof.
Ideas that change health care
Fri, 6 October, 2017
Ideas that change health care is a festival of ideas to inspire and challenge the future of health care.
Practical Skills Seminar on Paediatric Food Allergy & Eczema for GPs
Tue, 10 October, 2017
The Allergy UK Masterclasses were a great success in 2016. Our expert speakers discussed the latest findings in the field of allergy, held interactive quizzes and workshops, and presented patient case studies, to help educate and support healthcare professionals in their continuing education of allergic disease.
What’s the future of mental health care?
Thu, 28 September, 2017
Mental health problems are the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK, and 1 in 4 people will experience mental ill-health in their lifetime. What can we do to improve our mental health, and support that of others? In this public lecture, we look at innovative ways of supporting mental health care, in nursing and beyond: including nurse-led initiatives, peer support and advocacy.
SLSN 2017 Conference: Innovation, Collaboration & Evaluation
Fri, 22 September, 2017
This one day conference is aimed at health professionals who want to learn more about simulation-based training and how to apply innovation, collaboration & evaluation techniques to simulation based education.
Young People against Blood Cancer Nurse Study Day
Sat, 23 September, 2017
Our nurse study day brings together medical professionals working within haematology and haemato-oncology to listen to keynote speakers and explore interesting topics. This nurse study day will cover the care of a Teenage and Young Adult as well as stem cell transplants, the psychological impact of a blood cancer diagnosis and sexuality, fertility and relationships.

We are conveniently located on the main level, inside the Superstore on Main Street East in Milton, ON. The on-site DRUGStore pharmacy provides expert advice and services to our patients.

Many other amenities are also provided on-site including:

  • Handicapped Accessibility
  • Pharmacy
  • Grocery
  • Free parking


Telephone: (905) 864-9898
Fax: (905) 864-9393
Address: 820 Main Street East, Milton, ON L9T 0J4
Closest Intersection: Main Street East and Thompson Road South
Closest Landmark: Inside the Real Canadian Superstore on the ground level

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Peter Merholz
2 hours ago
Ujala is a certified chiropodist who graduated with a B.A. from McMaster University in Biological Anthropology and then went on to attend The Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences where she received her advanced diploma of Health Sciences in Podiatric Medicine.
Eddie Young
3 hours ago
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Zack Onisko
5 hours ago
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John Fisher
9 hours ago
Given the science, it seems more likely that it should remain (to keep my MBR stable), but the idea being fasting uses reserves for longer
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